I embrace the duality between beauty and pain as a means toward navigating the extremes of human emotion and the elements of nature. Collaboration, intuition and deep listening are fundamental, in response to "the spirit of all things" in the work. I meet materials where I find them, often repurposing them,  letting their essence speak to and with me in exploration of multiple mediums and disciplines.  In my studio practice what comes through the hand is an inherent sensitivity and knowledge of the skeletal and nervous systems, visceral organs and movements of the body. 

My current body of work is built upon the additive and reductive techniques that I had energetically been attuned to through my healing work.  The sculpted paper and wood fibers have an authentic,  ‘weathering’ quality as they literally met with the elements of nature.  The installation simultaneously exposes parts disrupted and an integrated weave. The monotype images embody a physical contact with the work and the inclusion of that which is often overlooked, the unseen, unspoken. With the fragility and resilience of nature and body evident now more than ever,  it is my personal belief that compassion and understanding are essential for humans to harness and heal dissociated parts, both individually and societally.