About Maura

Welcome and thank you for visiting my work. As a 3rd year MFA candidate at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Low Residency program to culminate August 2020, I offer up my joy in embracing the challenge of this journey. I would like to express my gratitude to the remarkable teachers and mentors that have guided my way: Sharon Dunn, Ruth Mordecai, Catarina Coelho, Nettrice Gaskins, YoAhn Han, Marika Preziuso, Jennifer Hall, Antony Flackett, Hue Hohn, Brett Poza, Sean Glover, the entire Grad Office team, fellow art students and cohort, and the many artists and creators that ask how and why.

I would not be here without the Montserrat Community, especially Judith Brown, Masako Kamiya, Kate Farrington, Ethan Berry, Tim Harney, Ron DRito, Rob Roy, Francois DeCostard, Stacey Thomas-Vickory, Brian Savignano. Designmaster, Jessica Brand I could not thank enough and Amanda Madira, always there.

My deepest gratitude to ‘My 2″, Kevin Herlihy and my family.

A process- oriented unfolding of my personal path and purpose extends into my work as a visual artist. Enjoy!